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          General Synod Pension Plan—Update!

          Anglican Church of Canada Applauds Changes to Target Benefit Plan Framework. Read more...

          About the Pension Office and our Plans

          On January 1, 2022, all active members of the Lay Retirement Plan (LRP) joined the General Synod Pension Plan (GSPP). Find out more about the GSPP and the transition process.

          Discover our history, our values, and opportunities for your organisation in joining the General Synod Pension Plan.

          Explore your Pension Office

          Canons, Regulations, and Plan Documents; informative links; and Continuing Education.

          Canons, Regulations, and Plan Documents as well as forms for Employers.

          Discover the funds and programs the Pension Office Corporation administers.?

          Forms for Members and Employers for all Plans the Pension Office administers.

          Contact the Pension Office Corporation.

          Regular updates for active, non-active, and retired plan members.